Adam Smith
Director and Founder

Hi, I'm Adam, the founder of The Legal Pitch. I'm currently a second year LLB Law (EU and International) student at The University of Sheffield. The Legal Pitch was established due to our love of sport (mainly football) and desire to pursue legal careers. Throughout my first year I have been part of the university's pro-bono scheme, giving free legal advice to the community, which has provided me with invaluable legal research skills which I hope to transfer to our blog. This will ensure stimulating academic debate.

Hobby wise, I captain Law FC (the university's Law team), go running in the Peak District and have swam competitively from a young age. 

I would like to work in the employment/litigation sector as a solicitor, however my options are definitely wide-open!

Nathan Davis

I'm Nathan, a second year LLB Law student. Much of my first year of university involved playing football for our subject law team alongside both Adam and Fin. 


Outside of football, I volunteer as part of the Miscarriages of Justice Scheme, offering free legal aid to convicted criminals pleading their innocence.  This work has highlighted the monotony and confusion associated with law, especially by those not studying it. The scheme also reaffirmed to me that being able to apply the law to real world dilemmas vastly improves one’s understanding of law. 

Through this blog I hope to show how intellectually compelling the law can be, as well as how relevant it is to any sector of society. I also want to build a community that creates avenues for current law students to expand and exhibit their knowledge.

Fin Piper

Hi, I’m Fin, and I am currently a second year LLB law student studying alongside Adam and Nathan at the University of Sheffield, and a co-founder of The Legal Pitch. Through the blog, I hope to introduce aspiring law students to some of the concepts they will be studying by using a shared passion for sport in order to make the subject more accessible.


I am also a bursary holder at an offshore law firm that operates in several jurisdictions which has given me hands on experience in a legal workplace, something I hope will allow me to give a different perspective on the articles that we share. Working and living in a different jurisdiction has enabled me to think comparatively and undertake varying methods of legal research.

Toby Newton-Dunn
NEW: Writer

Hi, I'm Toby. I am a LLB Law and Spanish Law graduate at the University of Sheffield and my aim as a lead writer is to provide readers with some valuable insight into a range of topical sporting legal issues.


I have undergone internships at three law firms, completed a year abroad studying Spanish Law in Valencia which has enabled me to think comparatively about the law in different jurisdictions and have consequently decided to return to the city to fulfil a Spanish Sports Law course at the European Sports Business School between 2021-2022. Outside of my academic career, I was elected Club President of the official university football club in my final year which involved ensuring the general maintenance and high standards of the club during the pandemic.