By centering on sport, The Legal Pitch will simultaneously act as a gateway for those considering or intrigued about studying Law, as well as provide some insight for current law students in a sector that is often bypassed by Law schools. We aim to find the 'middle ground' between legal and sporting stories, in order to appeal to the average sports fan as well.

We understand there are thousands of law articles out there - so what makes us so different? 


We pledge to cover major sporting events, giving a unique and insightful opinion on matters. 

As three young students with years of sporting experience, including playing, officiating and coaching, we believe we have the knowledge to cover a myriad of sporting issues.


We aim to discuss sports ranging from football, to karate, to golf, providing a personal touch to our articles.


Our articles will mainly be based around the legal aspect of the sporting story we choose to cover; whether that be a contractual or tortious dispute or a conflict involving litigation, we'll cover it.

These pieces will also offer our thoughts into how the law may affect other scenarios, and what impact this may have.



We understand that three Law students will not cover everything, which is why all of our articles will be supported by an 'expert opinion'.

This section will be made up of professionals, lecturers, trainee lawyers and students studying non-Law degrees to provide a new outlook into our article.



Working with others will be a key aspect of The Legal Pitch. This may be in speaking directly to industry experts, working with other law students/lecturers or by accepting article contributions. However we choose to collaborate, our readers should know that they will be given access to articles fine tuned by both students and specialists alike.

We are keen to offer an enjoyable, yet thought-provoking legal blog and must therefore work with multiple people per article to ensure this standard is met.

Podcasts could become a key feature of The Legal Pitch, discussing the latest legal developments within the sporting world, including guests with lots of industry knowledge


Throughout Law school, the phrase 'networking' is something of a buzzword. However, taking your first steps can be daunting.

With our founders securing bursaries and scholarships, alongside legal work experience at top international Law firms, we are able to offer some help with networking.

In the future, we aim to pair up Law students with industry experts featured in our articles, providing an introduction to the legal world.


We aim to provide a platform that will induce academic debate in the legal and sporting sector and for upcoming lawyers to express their views. 

From experience, we know how difficult it is to promote legal writing in an already congested market, so our aim is to offer a unique blog for new and exciting articles to be published.

We also believe we are providing a space to showcase your awareness and knowledge regarding current legal issues, that you can showcase to future employers.