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The Legal Pitch: Who Are We?

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

The Legal Pitch is a new sports-law based blog, finding the 'middle-ground' between legal and sporting stories to offer the best articles for its readers.

Hi, I’m Adam, the founder of The Legal Pitch. I would like to offer you a warm welcome to our blog and website; hopefully you’ll be back consistently to read our articles! This piece is being written to introduce our company, its plans and everything in between.

What is ‘The Legal Pitch’

Established by three LLB Law students at The University of Sheffield, The Legal Pitch is a sports law blog (and hopefully podcast series), formed to provide a platform for all that are interested in both the legal and sporting sectors and want to keep ‘up-to-date’ with current developments in these areas.

The Legal Pitch was founded after a year of playing football together at university. We wanted to take our 'love of the game' further by offering a blog that would cover both our personal and academic interests. From research, we found a 'gap' in the market for legal articles that also covered the sporting story in a journalistic sense, in order to provide pieces that would suit people from both sporting and legal backgrounds.

As per our website, we hope to provide a platform showcasing the intellectual diversity of law and how captivating and rewarding it can be, especially when it revolves around an area of personal interest for you. By centering on sport, The Legal Pitch aims to simultaneously act as a gateway for those considering or intrigued about studying law, as well as provide some insight for current law students in a sector that is often bypassed by law schools.

The Legal Pitch aims to offer a platform for other students to publish their work in a congested market of legal blogs, alongside providing reputable legal knowledge and sports orientated articles for its readers. Thus, the ‘middle ground’ concept was established; aiming to provide expert legal opinions whilst offering a readable story for the average sports fan. We will achieve this by inviting scholars, (trainee) solicitors, partners or academics in their field to ‘tie-up’ our articles with some expert knowledge, ensuring a highly engaging and insightful piece is written. With a combination of students and more experienced individuals, we will be creating a unique sports law blog that finds a balance between a ‘good read’ and academia; our articles will still be of a high legal standard, yet offer that journalistic sporting edge that someone from a non-law background may want to access.

What articles should you expect, when, and by whom?

We will aim to provide one article a week, every week following our launch. This will ensure that the sufficient amount of research is completed and allow the individual writing as an ‘expert’ to finalise their piece. Our plan consists of all three founders writing articles for the first few months; the coverage will begin with football and move to other sports after this first month in order to access all readers. The Legal Pitch will follow by opening up article submissions in order to create a platform (as aforementioned) for talented law students to express their sporting and legal views, supported by one of our experts. This allows us to turn over two articles a week to provide readers with constant access to new stories, developing their legal knowledge.

Why should you read ‘The Legal Pitch’?

With hundreds upon thousands of legal blogs, it may be hard to find time to read another one consistently, however, we pledge to offer an insightful and unique blog, different from all on the ‘market’. All three founders have grown up with sport, playing football at a high level and competing in sports ranging from karate and rugby, to swimming and cross-country, so our industry knowledge is of a high calibre. Combining this with a desire for a legal career and a support network of lawyers, The Legal Pitch will produce articles of an extremely high standard. Having all of us completed pro-bono work for The University of Sheffield/internships at Law firms, our legal researching skills will form articles readable, intriguing and most importantly, enjoyable for you.

Our first official article will be out in a week, so please follow us on all socials so you don’t miss out on it!

Written by Adam Smith, Founder and Director of The Legal Pitch

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